7-11 kicks ass, literally

This video was shot by some cyclists in Long Beach last Wednesday at the 7-11 on Atlantic and 4th. According to a post with the video on LAFixed.com, the guy with the black shirt had been kicked out of the store a moment earlier for trying to shoplift. The video is pretty self explanatory but after being kicked out he went back in and spit on the 7-11 clerk who wasn’t having any of that action and proceeded to kick the dudes ass. It should be noted that there’s a police officer across the street while all of this is happening.


9 thoughts on “7-11 kicks ass, literally”

  1. The Moby-ish punk was indeed stoopid for re-entering the premises and spitting but the 7/11 dood is like thrice that pee-wee’s mass. I can understand him going ballistic but ultimately I’m with the lady who said he’s out of line.

  2. I’m 100% with the store employee. The spitting punk should have thought about the size difference before he spat at the store guy.

    More people need to stand up to these street punks and teach them a lesson.

    The bleeding heart woman who kept saying…”take pictures” wouldn’t be so concerned if this guy had got her around the corner – punched her in the face, breaking her teeth, and stealing her wallet. I bet then she’d be screaming out for someone to help her and kick his ass.

  3. That punk kid deserved it. I would have kicked his ass too. He was given the benefit of not being turned in while trying to shoplift, then he has the disrespect to spit on the guy. Stupid move kid.

  4. Aww, heck. I want to watch the video, but I don’t want to sign up for an account (I only own a lowly beach cruiser and I’d feel like some kind’ve poseur)!

    I guess I could just walk over to that 7-11 and hang out with a camera. I live a scant few blocks from there!

  5. I love that at the end, one the guys sez, “lets leave before we need to answer questions,” then they post the whole thing online. Thems smartz 4 u!

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