Reborn in East L.A.

Attention stoners: time to fire up those skull bongs and let the skull eyes glow red.  Proto-stoners Cheech and Chong are reuniting for their first comedy tour in 25 years!  Seth who?  Harold and who?  Dave who?  Decades before any of the current crop of stoner stars reeked up the television airwaves and the silver screen, Cheech and Chong were churing out stoner comedy shows, stoner hit records, and stoner movies.

Cheech and Chong also have a special connection to Los Angeles.  Cheech was born and raised here, and he brought Chong back from Vancouver.  The comedy duo was based in L.A. for most of its career.  They honed their comedy act and were discovered at the Troubador.  Their movies were largely filmed in and around L.A., and they recorded albums here too.

Cheech and Chong’s live comedy tour, “Light Up America,” comes to Los Angeles’ Gibson Amphitheater on December 6.  That gives you plenty of time for “conditioning.”  To assist you, here’s a link to a YouTube video of one of my favorites from the duo, their folky song “Mexican Americans” from Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie

And if someone knocks on your door and says his name is “Dave,” you can tell him, “Dave’s not here.”