DMV…a small suggestion for when your computers are down

Dear DMV,

I have a little suggestion for you.  Print out daily your appointment list and put it aside for safe keeping.  When it looks your ‘puters will be down all day, start calling the appointments and let customers know so they can put the time getting there to better use.  Please?  Might help keep down the number really angry people at your doorstep in the proceess. – frazgo

Yes folks, with appointment card in hand that had two numbers to contact us we showed up at the West Covina DMV.  We even verified they were running on time and no problems on the DMV web before we left the house.

We arrived to find a long line of nasty tempered people with and without appointments showing up only then learning their computers were down and had been since the morning.  Worse, they didn’t think the would be up today.  At least those of us were appointments were able to go in and sign up for appointments next week. 

My daughter noticed that only a few people were actually dealing with the lines.  The rest were there slumped over dead screens doing nothing.  She had the brilliant idea of doing a print out and calling when things crash like to day.  She even suggested it with our scheduler who greeted us with a blank stare and proceeded to add our name to next weeks paper appointment list.  What a DMV employee actually work and take a suggestion when the system is down?

Wish us luck…it is my daughters big test for her permit.  Then duck and cover if she gets one, avoid outer monrovia as much as possible until she gets the hang of being behind the wheel.

Pic by me with the trusty cell phone cam at West Covina’s DMV office at 10:55 today.

5 thoughts on “DMV…a small suggestion for when your computers are down”

  1. I can imagine them running out and buying macs when the state is without a budget and already cancelled Saturday DMV openings to cut corners. I am so tired of this annual we don’t have a budget bullshit.

  2. The budget nightmare happens because the voters amended the constitution to require it be passed by a 2/3 vote of both houses of the legislature. That effectively gives veto power to every small group, allowing them to hold the process hostage, which they do to a ridiculous extent. If you really want to fix it, start by eliminating the undemocratic 2/3 rule on the budget.

  3. If you really want to fix California, start by eliminating gerrymandering and support redistricting reform.

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