Archiving Angeles (AA): 1932 Olympiad Los Angeles

Following in the Olympic theme of fellow Metblogger Jason Burns, I found this gem from the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. Tandem Cycling! The French (on the right) won the gold, the British (on the left) won silver.  It was August 9, 1932.

(Wouldn’t you rather be watching Tandem Cycling than Team Handball?)

This could also bring a whole new concept to “commuter cycling”.

Join me after the jump for a few more images from the 1932 Olympics discovered in the Los Angeles Public Library Photo Archive.

Local Girl Makes Good!

From the photo’s caption: “Dainty” Dorothy Poynton wins the platform diving event. The Fairfax High grad repeated the feat four years later, at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Some things haven’t changed: