Spotted in the Wild: Yanni Graffiti


Somewhere in northeast LA, there’s a graffiti artist that actually invested the time and energy required to illustrate, cut and spray a stencil of raven-maned and virilely mustachioed new age maestro Yanni on an otherwise unassuming wooden fence on Eagle Rock Boulevard near Auntie Em’s Kitchen (who, on an unrelated note, are still the purveyors of the finest biscuits and gravy in the tri-county area). Anonymous Yannificiando, we here at Metroblogging salute your dedication to mediocrity and, if we may be so bold as to suggest a contender for the second in what’s sure to be a long running series, humbly submit the name of the one and only Mr. John Tesh.

6 thoughts on “Spotted in the Wild: Yanni Graffiti”

  1. IT is nicely done, funny what strikes peoples artistic cord. I can think of a few other things I would have liked him to take the time stenciling, but it still is beautifully done. I had to laugh on John Tesh, I was thinking more George Hamilton for the bottom of the mediocrity pit myself.

  2. I hate graffiti…even “artsy, not huring anyone” graffiti.

    It’s still vandalism, assclowns.

    In other news, a gang war is going to break out between the Yanni Crips & Tesh Bloods.

    The Vangelis Latin Kings could not be reached for comment. Although, watch out – they are easily recognized by the Reggaeton version of “Chariots of Fire” blaring from the speakers of their automobiles.

    – AP

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