Long Beach Airport Rocks!

Just got back from a wild work/fun trip to NYC and I gotta say, hopping the Long Beach Airport ride is sooooo much easier than LAX. We breezed in at the last minute and literally jumped on the Jet Blue flight with no hassles. My man Dan somehow got to the gate without his boarding pass and they fixed him up in about two minutes.

People are way more chill and security doesn’t treat you like meat. It was as pleasant as flying can be. In contrast, a couple of weeks ago, I flew in and out of LAX and the long, excruciating waits in security mixed up with the baggage hassles made the airport departure and arrival just one more thing to grit my teeth and get through.

I always worry that the commute to Long Beach is too far, but the actual travel time was only about ten minutes more and well worth it. Parking is way cheaper there than LAX, so there’s that too.

And the Long Beach Airport is so stylish! It’s definitely got that cool, sixties retro feel. All curves and simple lines. But the best thing is the people who work there. They don’t seem stressed, you feel like they care about getting you on the plane and out to your destination as easily as possible. All in all, a big fat ten for Long Beach!

6 thoughts on “Long Beach Airport Rocks!”

  1. Grr…us Long Beachers are still upset with Jet Blue letting our secret out to people that would otherwise never dare set foot in the LBC.

    I used to live right near the airport, and picking people up was a snap. One time I my wife called me as the plane was taxi-ing in, and I got there before she was able to pick up her luggage. Try that at LAX.

  2. That retro feel dates back way before the Sixties. I understand that the terminal was built in the 1920s, and is a fine example of Art Deco architecture, or what some called Streamline Modern. Up on the second floor, there used to be an excellent photo and memorabilia exhibit all about the history of the airport; hopefully it’s still there. I’m always reminded of the end of “Casablanca” when I go there, and I also like the small size, lack of crowds, and relatively speedy security and baggage operations.

  3. There indeed is still a photo exhibit there, Matt — right next to the restaurant that serves pretty darned excellent waffles and other foodstuffs I’ve enjoyed while waiting for flights out of Long Beach!

    Living just a short cab ride away from the Long Beach airport, I can’t imagine ever flying out of LAX again!

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