Hot Off The Presses

The lastest edition of Good magazine is out and features an article on The Sean Bonner Experience with sidebars on his bike and his blogging empire and another sidebar on his bike. Check out him all bad ass walking his bike across Sunset Boulevard. Note the “Invader” installation above him on the laundrowall, and be sure to check out the IAAL•MAF spokecard in his front wheel. Those are not coincidences people:

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17 thoughts on “Hot Off The Presses”

  1. Oh jeeze… Thanks Will!

    And I’m 100% with you elserracho, I’m so sick of people not wearing spandex and pretending they are cyclists just because they have bikes and ride them around and stuff. Losers!

  2. not sure what you’re getting at with the spandex bit, i assume it was snark to my snark. as much as i’m happy more people are riding these days, when the fixie fad ends most of them will disappear; cyclists (folks who love bikes) will remain.

    i really do like the brake though, i run a front only brake on my single speed. freewheels are amazing inventions.

  3. Heh, yes snark is the best weapon against snark.

    Since I ride my bike(s) on the street and I don’t have any safe assumption that the people around me know what the hell they are doing a brake is important to me. If I was riding it on a track that might be different. That said, I’ve got bikes with freewheels and bikes without. Riding bikes has been a major part of my life since early on in college and the fixed gear thing just puts a whole new spin on it and make something that I’ve been doing for ever new again. Similar to the first time I rode a bike with dual suspension – it’s just a different approach.

  4. elserracho rides a freewheel with only a front brake? That’s definitively more intense than riding fixed with a front brake. At least with a fixed you can use the pedals to apply some counter pressure.

  5. hey so, i realized that my initial comment was better left thought and not typed. my disdain for fashionista pseudo cyclists has nothing to do with you. even if it did, it’s just my opinion.

    my bad.

    still, i can see the end of the trend right around the corner. :-)

  6. will,

    there’s plenty of braking power in an ultegra caliper brake for my single speed commuter. i’m old and careful, i wouldn’t do it if i didn’t feel safe.

    el s

  7. Hi Elserracho, I’m not disputing the power of your brake or how careful you are, it’s just that having a brake on the front only of a freewheeler would send lesser skilled riders endo’ing through the air!

    Ride safe and don’t let the fashionistas get ya down!

  8. Fucking trendoid Bonnet. Next he’ll be going for the trifecta of hipster and start eating vegan, become a blogger and ride a supermoto motorcycle.

    Damn nerds!

  9. Hey El Serracho! I’m really interested what makes a person a “real” cyclist! ‘Cuz I’m pretty sure you dug yourself a hole with that one.

    – From a “hip” fixie rider who runs a break and whose boyfriend rides a “hip” fixie without one.

    On topic: Sean Bonner rules.

  10. enjoy yourself out there panasonic. like i said above, it’s just an opinion that i should have kept to myself.

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