Iraq War fatalities count in Los Angeles County: 125

Grim news in yesterday’s NY Times about the US death toll in the war in Afghanistan surpassing the 500 mark brought to mind the fact that California has the highest casualty count of any state in the country for the Iraq War.

According to, the Golden State currently has 443 deaths and 3201 wounded in the Iraq War. Los Angeles County accounted for 125 deaths in Iraq.

California being the most populous state in the country would account for it being the state leading in the number of casulaties. It generally follows that the most populous states have the highest casualty rates: California, Texas, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois.

Confirmed deaths in the Iraq War for the nation currently stand at 4,134. Numbers for the wounded exceed 29,000. puts the current number of US deaths in Afghanistan at 569, but no breakdown by state was available on the site. is a donor supported independent site that compiles information on casualties based upon reports from the US Dept. of Defense, the US Central Command, the Multi-National Force in Iraq and the British Ministry of Defense.

My fatalities count for Los Angeles County is based upon’s city breakdown for California cross referenced with’s cities and places list for LA County.