Huell Howser and Aaron Proctor do lunch…

Aaron Proctor the self proclaimed “most electrifying person in Pasadena” has been on a roll.  After he got his butt whooped in the  mayoral election he never stopped writing. He took a job in accounting for the Pasadena Weekly to pay the bills but the blog writing kept going.

On his blog he is an equal opportunity lampooner.  No one is safe, he questions all and puts his own twist on it.  He started an interview series on his blog.  Even those he has lampooned participated.  No matter what he digs into you can count on it being irreverent tear into the issues.  Some say profane, most say it is funny and wonder how he doesn’t get shut down.   (Actually one blogger in the SGV uses his blog as the reason to tirade the ‘net needs to be regulated).

His boss at the PW, and cohort Andre Coleman liked what they had read.  They gave Aaron a chance to do a small column called “5 questions” for the PW.  Among his first interviews was The 99 Cent Chef who you’ve also seen Here.  His style in print is tamer but still funny.  Funny enough that he’s now going to get a weekly column.

Huell Howser is his first full feature interview.  Aaron met with him for lunch the other day for the first of his interview series.  Aaron’s own post about the meeting with Huell, is very understated which is unusual for an “Adventures of Aaron Proctor” entry.  Yes Aaron, Huell Howser is a really nice guy, I have crossed his path a few times over the years at KCET pledge nights and at a party at the Aztec where his interview with the owner there premiered. He is about a nice a guy as any you’ll ever meet.  Nice to see he even tamed Aaaron for a short while!

The full interview will run in next weeks Pasadena Weekly.  Grab a copy if you are in the SGV/Glendale areas and find out how the nicest guy in LA fared with the most electrifying.  Here’s a hint, Aaron described meeting: “…not many things put The Proc in a great mood. Some of the best and most enriching 90+ minutes of my life I’ve ever experienced.

The pic is used with permission of Aaron Proctor. It is Andre Coleman on the left, Huell Howser in the middle and the Proc himself in the loud blue Hawaiian shirt.

6 thoughts on “Huell Howser and Aaron Proctor do lunch…”

  1. Thanks for putting this up.

    A couple’a things, though.

    Not sure when this is going to run – most likely *not* in next week’s Weekly, though. This is my first “big” story and just because I might be a sorta-decent blogger, I have to turn this into a story and learn a lot more about journalism. Also, I still do my 5 Questions every week but I’m not going to have a weekly interview column.

    Andre Coleman is the City Reporter for the Weekly, while Kevin Uhrich – the Editor – should get credit for letting me go out and do this on my own, as well as Deputy Editor Joe Piasecki.

    Awesome blog, though.

    – AP

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