Archiving Angeles: Life & Death At Walker’s

When LAPD homicide detectives out of Hollenbeck Division arrived at at 1328 E. 1st Street between the L.A. River and Boyle Heights the night of May 5, 1951, it was not business as usual at Walker’s hot dog stand. Instead they found Richard Hardy sprawled dead on the sidewalk among witnesses who told police the 39 year old was killed in an argument. Over a dollar bill.

Photo found here at USC Digital Archives.

3 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles: Life & Death At Walker’s”

  1. I love this series. I keep trying to get my brother-in-law to give up the family pics so I can scan them in. They would be a wonderful addition to my personal libary, but to this series to. Those pictures go back to the late 20’s of the Hoover street area where my Father-in-law grew up and Long Beach where my mother-in-law grew up. Some day…

    Nice post. Could you find if the perp was convicted or not?

  2. Thanks Fraz. I’m just totally piggybacking on Jason’s great work, which got me looking through the various archives every now and again and when I came upon this image it looked like something straight out of LA Confidential. Not to mention it’s an address I bike by now and again.

    I too was curious if a suspect had been arrested and convicted but a rudimentary search using the victim’s name but could find nothing.

    PS. Hoover Street and the LBC in the 20s? Those would be awesome to see!

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