Today’s Parking Tard of the Day found at the Observatory

Picture it, a beautiful day to be up at the Griffith Park Observatory, parking is getting really tight and people have to start parking down the hill.   You see old folks strugging to get up the hill with the walkers, mom types with the same struggle with strollers.

You round the corner and spot this ‘tard with his/her obese-mobile SUV parking conveniently in 2, count them TWO, compact car parking spaces.  Charming. 

Rather than wish a pox upon it with running out of gas in the Cahuenga Pass, I’d rather see a swarm of preschoolers with keys and rakes visit the side as far as they can reach.  Total Tardship like that deserves an appropriate reward.  (That’s sarcasm folks, not that I would ever advocate actually physically damaging someones property no matter how big an assholian they are).

Pic by me.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Parking Tard of the Day found at the Observatory”

  1. Another reason to refrain from keying badly-parked cars is that sometimes the driver is compensating for another badly parked car, which later leaves, leaving the second car looking ridiculous. In the picture above, for instance, who’s to say there was not originally a motorcycle against the fence on the right, and a car parked way over the line on the left. If so, this person did the best they could. Or they may just be a jerk. Who knows?

  2. I guess davidt missed the part it was a monster SUV going into a compact space and even if he tried it wouldn’t have fit in the lines.

  3. No, I didn’t miss that — but from the photo, it looks to me like it would fit in one space. And since you said the observatory parking lot was tight, it’s possible there were no larger spaces available. In our office lot, people driving larger vehicles often have no choice but to park in spaces marked for compact cars, because the larger spaces are quickly filled — often by compact cars whose drivers refuse to use the compact spaces. So maybe the driver’s a jerk, or maybe there’s more to the story.

  4. Granted that’s a bad parking job… but the other thing is… compact parking has also seemed to me like some kind of weird zoning scam based on utopian transpo policy. If compact spaces really need to exist, they should be enforceable, and you should also have ‘non-compact’ spots where compact cars can’t park (waste of space). In other words, compact spaces seem like throwing a sticker on the problem, rather than designing a decent parking infrastructure with space for cars, bikes, motorcycles (<–way overlooked in LA parking infrastructure), and larger vehicles.

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