About the Cache mural on Heliotrope

Yesterday I posted a photo of the awesome Cache mural that had been painted over on Heliotrope. Lots of people were asking WTF and Ben from Pure Luck just chimed in in the comments with the story. Since so many people were asking I thought it was worth bringing a little more attention to. Basically it was done out of spite…

“Fast forward to this Monday, when furniture guy decides that this is his last week in business.  He tells Boris, and tells that if he wants to do something, he should do it now.

…and Boris did that.  Ugly tagging started the same night.

Furniture dude apologized to me about it before I even saw it.  Head shop guys across the street are livid.  Boris hasn’t been seen since they chased him out of their shop after he explained that he had no intention of actually putting a new mural up, he just wanted to paint over what was there.”

See the full comment on this post.

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  1. Once upon a time in the Haight-Ashbury, in San Francisco, I led a community action that led to the restoration of a mural at Haight and Cole…It is possible with the right kinds of pressure…in our case, it was the landlord who came through, and funded the murals restoration…Good Luck

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