The Envelope bares, Paris Hilton declares, a lawyer despairs

I was thinking of starting an email campaign to implore the LA Times to make The Envelope a weekly (or at least a regular monthly) PRINT section, as it brilliantly covers Los Angeles’ main industry — film and television production. (Any takers with an itchy forward finger?)

It was included in today’s print edition as it’s Emmy season (read, “mucho network ads”) and I devoured it in its entirety this morning, which strikes even me as odd because the only programming I watch is Mad Men, Project Runway and a slew of political and public affairs shows.

So where else but on Countdown with Keith Olbermann would I have caught Paris Hilton’s hilarious response ad to the McCain campaign’s absurd, ham fisted attempt to denigrate Obama by linking her to Barack in “celebrity” stature?

I don’t know much about Hilton beyond the fact that a lot of teenage girls and, sadly, a sizable contingent of my gay brothers hang on the WeHo denizen’s every mono-syllabic utterance and crotch flashing. Is there more worth knowing? I thought not, but her ad, wherein she also declared her candidacy for, like, the presidency of the United States made me reconsider.

If you’re a layman law dweeb and patriot like myself AND you’re outraged by the US government’s shameful acts of torturing prisoners at Guantanamo, trumped up charges against said prisoners and the devious propaganda that was generated to sway public opinion in defiance of facts, then you should catch channel LA 36’s broadcast of LA Public Library’s Aloud Lecture Series interview with Steven T. Wax, a public defender who took on legally representing two men that he believed were being framed by the US government.

It is an infuriating episode in one of this country’s most shameful eras, i.e. the last 7 years. The interview centers around his new book, Kafka Comes to America: Fighting for Justice in the War on Terror and the stories he told from the book read like a script for a Hollywood movie about government corruption at the highest levels. (Hint, hint to studio book optioners.)

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  1. So I saw Paris’ “ad” also, on a number of conservative blogs. They are spinning this as an endorsement of McCain :)

    I thought she came off as funny and articulate. Not quite the airhead she’s made out to be.

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