The Counter Comes to the Marina

Big news for West Side burger afficionados: Santa Monica’s beloved construct-your-own burger eatery (is “burgery” a word?) The Counter is opening a new location in the Marina.  The new Counter is tucked away at the end of the Waterside Marina del Rey shops, near the corner of Admiralty Way and Fiji Way (and believe me, my duty to serve our loyal readers with useful information barely eked out a win over my selfish desire to keep this location “undisclosed,” Cheney style).

According to the guy pictured on the ladder out front, The Counter opens this Monday.  I peered inside, and the place looks to be all set up, with the staff holding a meeting on those trademark metal chairs.

Perhaps The Counter’s expansion to the Marina will shorten the wait at their Santa Monica location.  Or maybe, like L.A.’s roadways, when they build more, more inevitably will come.

10 thoughts on “The Counter Comes to the Marina”

  1. I LOVE the Counter! Those onion strings….my favorite. Oh and the burgers are darned good too. If the wait is ever shorter in SM, that will be a miracle.

  2. I have to be a contrarian and say “meh” to the Counter. Yes, the burgers are good. Nowhere near as good as how much they charge, though. Their bun selection is surprisingly limited also (I can get freakin’ CRANBERRIES on my burger, but I can’t get an onion roll?).

  3. Evan, I love cranberries & hate onions, so maybe that’s why The Counter is for me. But far be it from me to try to convince anyone to add to the lines and traffic that no doubt will result at this new location.

  4. “Burgery” is a little too close to “buggery” for my comfort. I’ve never been to The Counter, but I’d hate to order a meal at that “burgery” only to get something vastly different from what I ordered/expected.

  5. Yikes, I thought it sounded like “burglary,” as in the McDonald’s Hamburglar . But I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder (that’s a nice way of saying “you dirty minded perv.”) On the other hand, if this keeps you away from the place too, then I’ve done my job, and that line keeps getting shorter by the minute.

  6. Burns went where I thought about, but decided to be a nice guy figuring I was the only perv in the area that got the sublty of the UK slang in the suggested name. Guess I was wrong. Or was I being nice?

  7. That’s right, this is London Metblogs, where you can’t say “burger” to describe food, “shag” to describe carpet, “stuffed” to describe feeling full after a meal, or “pissed” to describe feeling angry. It would actually be fun to do a whole post in cockney rhyming slang.

  8. Their slang is a riot, since my kids discovered BBCA a lot of it is in our households daily conversation without even noticing.

    You of course missed my favorite “smoke a fag”, here it would get you arrested for a hate crime, there its just enjoying a marlboro.

    And fyi…don’t whistle at a cabby and flag him over with “2” fingers to represent 2 riders, it will get you in more trouble than you can imagine as it means the same as our single finger salute. Learned it the hard way and thankfully our doorman explained what we were doing wrong when I asked what it took to get a cabby to stop. Bloody wanker yank, lucky I didn’t get run over.

  9. Did you have your hand pointed knuckles-to-him?

    When I was in London with my wife, these two guys were in front of us walking down the street. “You wanna share a spliff?” one asked the other. We both looked at each other and thought, “well, that must mean something different here.” Nope.

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