I don’t care if the MBA is from Pepperdine…

What does your license plate mean? 

Not a rant, more of a silly request.  Lots of people use the plate frame to decipher what the plate means and I wish more did.  Does this plate mean “Heart of Shoes” as in a fan of Imelda Marcos

8 thoughts on “I don’t care if the MBA is from Pepperdine…”

  1. I once saw someone with “Live2Ply”. I know they meant “Live to play”, or at least I hope so, but I immediately thought, “Charmin Ultra?”. True story.

  2. so we have two votes for love of shoes, teach me to try and decipher when I’ve had too much beach for one day.


  3. My brother has a Saturn. A silver Ion. License plate: AG PLUS.

    Intolerably nerdy, or impossibly awesome? Or both? He’s my brother — my objectivity is clouded.

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