Sorry OC, didn’t mean to moon you!

This summer has sorta sucked in terms of getting to the beach for water play.  Probably the worst in 8 years.  Between a wreck that laid me up for a while, kids in summer school, kids in summer camps, summer basketball league in The Valley of all god forsaken places, time to round everyone up for a day at the beach has been next to impossible.

Today finally all the schedules came together.  The boys and I finally got to go to the beach.  Water play day for the boys. We grabbed the boogie boards and headed straight down the 605.  Even the commute gods wanted us to play today as they cleared the freeway for us an we were at our summer home in Bolsa Chica, good old Tower 22 in 30 minutes.  Thank you someone for watching out for us.

For the rest of the story you need to make the jump…I am a stinker after all.

We arrived to brilliant blue skies, Mike hit the water first.

Long Beach and Santa Monica were shrouded in a thick marine layer, we picked the perfect beach for a play day!

The waves were pretty crappy, at least the beach was pretty empty…did I mention it was a perfectly crystal clear day?

Secret to survival at the OC beaches…arrive early if you want a fire pit for later.  You’ll fry your brains all day, but come dusk when you want a sunset BBQ you have a pit.

The Bolsa Cafe and Rentals is the only food place on the beach.  I do better with a picnic lunch as I can load it up with water, fruit and other goodies far cheaper than I can buy it there.  They do however have “world famous pink popcorn” which I an told is like a loose popcorn ball and very sweet.  Certainly not the variety of Venice Beach, but then again they don’t have “pink popcorn” so they may not be the end all after all.

You can rent boogie boards, bicycles and these bicycle-cart-thingies-with-a-surrey-with-fringe-on-top, but they do cost a quite a bit, just short of an appendage so be prepared if you want to do that rather than haul your own bikes down.

OK, so here’s how I mooned OC.  It wasn’t a full moon which is lucky for a more than a few on shore I suppose.  Joey and I were on a wave that broke early and very hard.  He cut in front of me as we started to barrel roll.  He grabbed for me.  He thought he grabbed my boogie board cord.  It was my swim trunk tie.  He went rolling with the cord.

I stood up and my shorts were at half mast and I was standing in now ankle deep water.

Joey says “Dad you’re showing a little ass”.  “Dude, its not a little ass” and I proceeded to move to deeper water to fix my shorts.

Now you had your laugh.  But even an moon at the beach is still better than a day as a cube dweller!

All pics by me with my trusty che-ez snap…the toy camera for the digital age.  Don’t get better.  Don’t get bigger.  It is the perfect little artsy wyswyg!