Los Angeles County — Fair?

If the words “Los Angeles” and “County Fair” seem to you like an oxymoron, you are probably not alone.  Check out the video on the website home page for the 2008 Los Angeles County Fair, which comes to town country in Pomona this September 5th through 28th.  The video pokes fun at Los Angeles bimbo city slicker types who no doubt comprise some portion of the Fair’s attandance.

I’m a sucker for county fairs, and am excited to attend my first one in the West.  At my last home county fair, in Montgomery County, Maryland, I’m not sure what I liked best: the colorful, sometimes shady, characters who travel around the country working their dubious “games of skill”; the excuse to eat funnel cakes, corn dogs, and other junk food; the rickety rides that could break and cause me to go flying, centrifugal style, right into the ring toss booth; the mullets and tattoos outnumbering teeth; the opportunity to ruthlessly beat an eight year-old at the water gun balloon game in order to win a stuffed Bart Simpson for my girlfriend.

I don’t know whether the L.A. County Fair will be like Montgomery County, or maybe a whole lot bigger and better, but with its attractions, its concerts (including the Bangles, the Doobie Brothers, and K.C. and the Sunshine Band), its farm animals, its parades and pie eating contest, and even its own blog, I can’t wait to find out.

Hours, admission prices, and other information for the upcoming Los Angeles County Fair can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Los Angeles County — Fair?”

  1. I am such a sucker for the fair. I force my family to go every year. Good thing my husband goes week in the knees for fair food and my kids love farm animals. Every August, I get all atingle just waiting for September to come so I can see baby goats being born.

  2. My kids went once and just didn’t like it. I think they were spoiled by a season pass to Disneyland and didn’t get the unwhitewashed Americana.

    Although…if you want to venture further north, when the Antelope Valley Fair plays in the Palmdale, that one they still talke about and they were like 4 and 6 when we went there. (It was my wife’s office picnic there that year). I think we’re going up for the Weird Al Yankovich show this year. http://www.avfair.com/

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