A Friendly Reminder to Register to Vote

Do you realize that Election Day is only THREE MONTHS away? It’s true, I wouldn’t lie about voting. It’s looking like Election Day 2008 may be one for the ages so now is as good a time as any to remind you that the deadline to register to vote in California is 15 days before an election. Election Day 2008 is November 4th so you’ll need to register by October 20th.voting_booth-766906gif.png

Of course, Metblog readers are all highly intelligent and politically savvy so you’re probably all registered already but maybe you have a friend who hasn’t yet, make sure they know the deadline. Friends help friends vote and you can help your friends by sending them to The California Secretary of State Voter Registration info page which has got everything they will need to know AND downloadable registration forms.

Even if you are registered you should visit the voter registration page. Maybe you’ve moved, changed your name or would like to change party affiliation, if so you’ll need to re-register. Don’t risk missing out on all the fun of a historic election, here’s that page again. See you in November.

6 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder to Register to Vote”

  1. Thanks, I thought I was jumping the gun by writing about the L.A. County Fair which takes place a whole month from now. But compared to your post, I’m downright timely. Seriously, thanks for reminding people to vote, that is a good service, and I agree that any eligible voter who does not vote this year is going to feel like a total ass after Election Day.

  2. I don’t get this “don’t forget to vote” stuff… why does everyone encourage everyone else to vote? If you can’t get it together to register yourself and vote on your own, do we really want you to vote? No, we don’t. Let’s let the people who really care about voting decide important issues like who represents us. Let’s let the people who really take the time to understand the issues determine how they’re handled. If you don’t care, don’t vote!

  3. Since you asked Ole99, many people would like to vote but don’t know the requirements. In addition many people are not aware that they need to re-register if they move. Every election sees many informed and willing voters turned away because of registration issues.

  4. I’m going to laugh when California suffers from what I call “Jesse Ventura Syndrome”

    When Ventura ran for Governor of Minnesota back in the late 90’s, people out there came out in droves and registered to vote (mostly young people)..and they did a survey a few years back and found out a great majority of those people have never voted in a single election, municipal through Presidential ever again.

    Can’t wait until all these 18-25 year olds go out, register to vote, vote once, and never vote again.

    Makes me laugh for some reason.

    – AP

  5. Good post indeed, and timely since there are deadline issues people need to be aware of to keep their registration current.

    Ole99 I totally disagree with the “Let’s let the people who really care about voting decide important issues like who represents us. Let’s let the people who really take the time to understand the issues determine how they’re handled.”. Everyone has the right to vote, should vote even if it is just one issue they care about. It shouldn’t be left to just those who “understand” the issue as even those will be split between McCain/Obama depending on their own political leanings.

    AP interesting take on the whole Ventura election. Relatives there swore he was the second coming and would clean up the mess left by the prior gov and it didn’t happen. I wonder if it was the disillusionment or just a return to apathy that caused the subsequent drop in voter activity.

  6. Everyone has the right to vote, and agree that everyone who cares about only one issue should vote. But I think encouraging people to vote when they don’t care is bad. And I think voting for people you don’t know, or on issues you don’t understand is bad.

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