Surveillance photos, seconds before Tujunga Hit & Run

Earlier this morning I posted about a hit and run in Tujunga Village. Comments on that post confirm that this was the intersection near Vitello’s which is known to be extremely dangerous and without a crosswalk, even though residents of the area have been asking for one for quite some time. An anonymous resident just sent in stills from their security cameras which show the people who were hit literally seconds before the accident in hopes they will bring more awareness to the deadly crosswalk.


Another photo from a different camera after the jump.


7 thoughts on “Surveillance photos, seconds before Tujunga Hit & Run”

  1. The disturbing part is that seconds later their lives were altered forever because some jerk felt that traffic laws didn’t apply to them.

  2. “Without a crosswalk”?

    The corner by Vitello’s (Tujunga at Woodbridge) has a painted crosswalk across Tujunga, flanked by “Pedestrian Crossing” warning signs both at the crossing and a block away in both directions, as well as “PED XING” legends painted on the approaching streets.

    The biggest problem is that the crosswalk is poorly illuminated at night.

    (This is probably one of those intersections that would be safer without the crosswalk markings – pedestrians tend to act like they’re invulnerable in marked crosswalks, but the painted crosswalk won’t stop drivers who don’t see people in the dark, or other oblivious idiots.)

  3. Yes, there is indeed a crosswalk there, it’s just not very safe. The street is kind of wide, and the way it meets the sidewalk at the corner, people standing there waiting to cross are somewhat hidden by the parked cars along the street. Even during the day when I cross there I feel like I need to run for my life. There really needs to be a light there, or at best, a 4-way stop sign.

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