Sunday Night At Majestic Golf Land

Having picked up my clubs in the last two years only to move them down to the basement a few months ago, I’ve decided to work my golf game up to SUCK from FAIL, in large part because I signed up to play in a business trip golf tournament at a PGA championiship-level course in Savannah this September. Yeah: silly me.

Anyway, I’ve decided that big tented monstrosity standing on Melrose in East Hollywood is where I’ll hack away these next few weekends in search of my long lost barely marginal skillz. Known more commonly as Majestic Golf Land, it’s a driving range just south of L.A. City College and east of Fixie Corner (known more contentiously as the Hel-Mel/Bicycle/Square/Quad/District/Zone/Quarter/Ville), that’s a triple-decker automatic-tee paradise replete with a couple left-handed boxes set up for us southpaws and piped in South Korean pop music. After 3 p.m. you can get 125 balls for $12.

In the time remaining until I head to Georgia, even if I manage to hone some sort of not entirely unreliably and only moderately fluctuating swing, I’ll be totally amazed if I get anywhere close to breaking a score of 100. But at least I’ll have fun trying and occasionally (as this fancy four-camera angled YouTube clip below can attest) I strike one of them dimpled demons dead-on straight and true and boy can I send it sailing.



3 thoughts on “Sunday Night At Majestic Golf Land”

  1. The driving range at Griffith Park is half price all day Monday and after 5 on Fridays. The great thing is that you can buy the half-price range tokens during those (very busy) times, then can come back and redeem the tokens for golf balls any time you want. At half price, it is about $6 for 120 balls.

  2. Good point, tropico. My initial foray into golf was via group lessons up at the GP driving range and I’d forgotten what a bargain the place was. It also has a pitch/chip green and a bunker, all of which Majestic Golf Land does not. If Majestic wasn’t around GP’d be my goto for definite.

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