LA Times props

LAT breaks anthrax mailer suicide story; and Meghan Daum is back.

It wouldn’t be fair to rag on the Los Angeles Times like I did last week and then not point out two positive developments.

On Friday, LAT‘s David Willman broke the story about the suspicious death of government biodefense scientist Bruce E. Ivin, an apparent suicide stemming from his being pursued as a primary suspect by the FBI in the deadly anthrax mailings that killed five people in 2001.

Saturday’s, Sunday’s and today’s LAT brought more on the evolving story. It turns out Ivins stood to gain financially as a co-inventor of a genetically engineered anthrax vaccine, with AP chiming in with a story about Ivin’s therapist’s concerns that he was “a sociopathic, homicidal killer.”

The LAT story was picked up across the globe. I caught an interview with Willman on MSNBC last week.

Other good news at the beleaguered paper is that Saturday opinion columnist Meghan Daum is back from book leave. She’ll be at this Saturday’s Hammer Readings, hopefully reading from her forthcoming book (due in 2010) about real estate and identity, entitled Give Me Shelter.

I’m curious to hear if she shares my recurring fantasy of seeing Jeff Lewis, the ass on Bravo’s Flipping Out, on the street one day and running over him. So I guess I’ve got my question for her during the Q & A.

Hammer Readings at Hammer Museum, 180899 Wilshire Blvd. at Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90024

2 thoughts on “LA Times props”

  1. My concern with the anthrax case is the pressure I’m hearing (especially from govt. types) to declare the whole thing behind us. As I see it, Ivan’s suicide only adds a whole mess of new questions. Beyond “Why did it take so long?”, there are also questions about the media’s original (and now proven false) reports after the original attacks. Glenn Greenwald at Salon raises many of these questions, and dday at Hullabaloo follows up with more points to make.

    I’m pleased that the LAT are still doing good reporting. I hope Zell and friends notice. But most of all I hope they don’t follow the conventional wisdom and assume things are all wrapped up.

  2. doran, yes, good points. We don’t need the equivalent of a single-gun theory here, and of course I wasn’t implying as such. And who knows what gets Zell’s attention beyond profit margins. It certainly doesn’t seem to be maintaining high standards a LAT.

    LA Observed linked to this insider’s appraisal today, which relates.

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