Hit and Run in Tujunga Village?

We received an e-mail from an anonymous reader asking about a hit and run in Tujunga Village over the weekend. The reader came upon the scene just after it happened and wrote us to see if we could confirm or deny any of the info they heard from other onlookers. A casual skim of the papers turns up nothing, anyone have any info? This is what we’ve got:

 “Tonight, Sunday night at around 8:30pm-8:45pm there was a hit and run on Tujunga right in front of Vitello’s restaurant. A mother, her daughter and their two dogs were crossing the street at a well marked crosswalk (that people wiz through all the time anyway!) and they were struck by a car. The crowd was telling me that the mother, daughter and one of the dogs died on the scene and the smaller dog ran off and is on the loose. That’s all I know and it is hearsay, I didn’t verify any of this information with the police but everyone was so shook up I believe it to be true. “

Anyone in the area know any more details on this?

UPDATE: See the comments for more information as to where this happened, and see this new post for security camera images which caught the people on film seconds before the accident.

7 thoughts on “Hit and Run in Tujunga Village?”

  1. Ralph from “Kevin & Bean” talked about the accident on-air this morning. He said the women survived, but both dogs were killed. Of course, this is third-hand, but he described the make and model of the car.

  2. I live in the neighborhood and a neighbor confirmed it’s true but I don’t have details. I’ll ask my pals at Vitello’s tonight.

  3. There really needs to be a light, or at least a stop sign put at that intersection. I always fear for my life when I cross there. Even when the traffic isn’t bad, it seems like cars come speeding through the crosswalk seemingly out of nowhere.

  4. Channel 7 had report on 6pm news, I was half listening, but intersection was called very dangerous. Missed the bit about the fatalities/injuries–phone.

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