Found on Road Alive: Jaguar E-type

We spotted this knock down gorgeous Jaguar E-type at the Brand Library in Glendale Saturday evening.  A stunning car, the kind that stops you in your tracks.  Quite a feat for any car some 40 years after it first hit the road.  What started as a Grand Tourer equipped with a 4.2L straight six fed by 3 carbs eventually had a V12 stuffed under the bonnet that turned it into a very fast sports car. 

The pure sex appeal is what kept that basic design in production from 1961-1974.  The basic lines were mimiced in future XJ-S and XK series even as those cars grew considerably in size while moving up market.  Neither in my not so humble opinion managed to have the raw sex appeal of the E-type as seen here.

Even today there are fan clubs and webs designed to keep the old beauty on the road the way the men in Conventry UK intended.

There are a few more pics after the jump.

All pics by me.  A few more in my flickr “found on road alive” set. 

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