LA Times: Most popular Chihuahua name is Princess!

In a startling revelation, the Los Angeles Times has learned that the most popular name for Chihuahuas in LA County is Princess. The financially strapped newspaper, which only this week eliminated its book review, Sunday opinion and weekend guide sections from its print edition, revealed  the shocking findings today as it unveiled its new online database for tracking dog names in the county.

“The database offers a fascinating census of the dogs we live with and those we encounter,” says Times Staff writer Carla Hall. “If Shakespeare was wrong and there is something in a name, then ours is a world filled with people’s fantasies about, and hopes for, their dogs.”

LA Times officials estimate that 1,262 Chihuahuas are named Princess, although they admit some tracking errors are possible. They stressed that areas such as Arcadia, Downey, Sierra Madre and La Cañada Flintridge are known for their high Chihuahua concentrations and did not provide official counts.

Calls placed this morning by LA Metblogs to several of the 1,138 Chihuahuas named Chiquita, the second most popular Chihuahua name in the county, were not returned.

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12 thoughts on “LA Times: Most popular Chihuahua name is Princess!”

  1. Isn’t wonderful to see the LA Times stepping up to prove that it’s a world class paper. It’s hard-hitting journalism like this that keeps me being a subscriber. News that affects me as an Angeleno, even though I don’t own a dog and would never own a Chihuahua.

  2. Didn’t you guys see the internal memo that was leaked from the LA Times:

    “Just a reminder that despite the recent slashing of our staff we will continue to devote valuable resources to bullshit fluff pieces about dogs. Keep rockin”

  3. “If Shakespeare was wrong…” haha–way to keep it intellectual. I give the L.A. Times less than four years ’til it closes its doors or has an online staff of 10 total, whichever comes first.

  4. Why were comments disabled for the “Far East” post? How very L.A. Times of you all… Let it flow and let people talk. There’s more truth in dissent that, while offending the ego, represent the way things really are… and isn’t that what blogging SHOULD be? Who’s with me?

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