Kimberly Fowler and YAS arrive in Silver Lake

A Venice institution branches out

Venice-based fitness center YAS (which stands for yoga and spinning) will be setting up shop in early September at 1932 Hyperion Avenue in Silver Lake.

The signature routine developed by YAS founder Kimberly Fowler is a combination of an intense 30-minute cardio workout on a stationary bike followed by 30 minutes of yoga.

She also developed Yoga for Athletes, a fitness routine that has pro athletes attending her classes and crediting her for their best seasons ever. And a five-senses guy like myself can’t resist Fowler’s approach: “No chanting, no granola, no sanskrit.”

Fowler is a veritable phoenix of a woman who rose up twice to fight daunting physical challenges. In 1982 she was hit by a car during a bike race, leaving her severely injured. A physical therapist introduced her to Iyengar yoga, which helped her heal and realign her body. Strengthened by yoga, she began to compete as a triathlete.

Barely recovered, in 1983 she was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Refusing to accept her dire diagnosis, she threw herself into her yoga practice and returned to pro triathlete competition.

She went on to open the first YAS in Venice in 2001. It soon became a local institution.

Talking about the new YAS, she says, “Silver Lake is a lot like Venice — a very eclectic neighborhood. I think it’s going to do really well and become a fixture just like YAS is in Venice. It will have the same feel and vibe, including the garage door in the spin room.”

Looking back at her journey through the darkness of injury and disease and into the light of glowing health, she’s clear about what happened.

“It was mind over matter,” she states.

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