Potted Organic Basil – $2.99 at Fresh and Easy

My find of the day over at Fresh and Easy.  Sorry if the pic is jiggly but I literally snapped the pic at the same instant the first big boom from this mornings quake went off.   As soon as the shaking stopped I went back in the store, added one to my basket and finished my shopping. Seriously, takes more than a little jiggle to interrupt our day…we are Angelenos!

 The plant is now in my garden ensuring a steady supply of fresh basil for my kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Potted Organic Basil – $2.99 at Fresh and Easy”

  1. One should always check out Fresh and Easy’s plant section, if your store has one. We recently picked up buttloads of little succulents at the F&E in Eagle Rock for 99 cents a pop. Beat that, overcrowded Silverlake Trader Joes!!!!!!!!!

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