6 thoughts on “A Well Designed Chinese Take Out Menu”

  1. By no means am I an American-flag waving enemy of communism. I’d describe myself as a socialist.

    But, that flyer–really? The name enough and the ads of an Amy Poehler-look-a-like wearing traditional Chinese clothing in the Weekly annoyed me before. I hate the use of socialist/communist imagery for ironic or jokey purposes. I also find it kind of funny to name a restaurant after Mao, considering the tens of millions that died from famine during the Great Leap Forward.

  2. I love their food. I’m a real pain in the ass when it comes to ordering food (“can you cut it in half? can you make sure the chef doesn’t use any oil? can you boil the shrimp instead of steam them?”) and they don’t even blink.

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