Staycation All I Ever Wanted

July 28, 2008 at 9:00 am in Seasonal, West Side

This isn’t a poll, just an informal survey.  Did you go or are you going on a vacation this summer?  Or are you doing an L.A. area “staycation?”  If you’re taking a vacation, is it the type of vacation you took in years past?  Are your plans affected by economic circumstances? 

This summer, I’m staying put.  I guess I fall into the “staycation” category.  However, I’m still a relative newb to California, and one reason why I moved to an area near the beach is that it feels like a resort.  Indeed, it is a destination resort for many people.  So I might have stayed here this summer no matter what.

Nevertheless, the economy is lurking back there somewhere.  So is my perception of the hassle of traveling at the moment, whether it be the security lines in the airports, or gasoline prices and traffic.

However, I have had lots of fun this summer.  I’ve been hanging out with friends and colleagues, hosting and going to barbeques, exercising, attending outdoor events, meeting people at sunny Venice Beach cafes, walking around Santa Monica, Venice, and the Marina, taking my “nephew” to the dog park, bringing out-of-town visitors to local restaurants, and chugging through “The Wire” on DVD.  Laptop in hand, I have also spent time in local coffee shops and Wi-Fi spots, blogging and reconnecting with friends electronically.  And I’ve even made it as far as Laguna Beach.

What about you?

(Photo of Mount San Jacinto State Park by Matt Mason.  On a previous vacation.)

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