New Bike Lanes Spotted Around LA

Fletcher bridge bike path

This one seen on the Fletcher LA River Bridge heading east. There’s signage too, these seem to have been added by a new city department called “DIY” – I’m not sure what that stands for exactly, perhaps Department of Intertransit Youth or Department of Icycle Youtreach. Something like that I’m sure. Another pic of the signs after the jump.

DIY bike lane

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  1. doorframe: it is completely appropriate. If it weren’t it would be removed. There is plenty of room for a bike lane there AND it is crucial because the Fletcher bridge marks a logical beginning/end to a spin down the LA River bike path.

  2. Yay! That area of Fletcher is a total bitch for us NELA cyclists using this main bike link from Northeast LA to Silverlake/Hollywood/Westside. The Northbound section is particularly cumbersome, due to the speeding cars that often cut us off to jump on the Northbound on-ramp of the 2 Freeway.

    Tho, I prefer DIY Sharrows the Do It Yourself Bike Lane is an appreciated road enhancement.

  3. Ha ha this is awesome. Doing something like this has crossed my mind many times. But I’m just too law abiding and don’t have the guts.

    But if guerrilla bike lanes are made, take a lead from this guy:

    He made his signs exactly to state highway specifications and it apparently took 6 months for officials to notice the sign change.

  4. It’s about time. Fletcher was approved for bike lanes in the 1996 Bicycle Master Plan – see . Despite this approval, DOT says that it’s too narrow because where there’s 5 lanes at the left turn lane on to Ripple it’s tight. The city was touting a plan to add a pedestrian bridge immediately upstream, so they could widen the roadway… sort of the bazooka to swat a fly approach, in my opinion. Councilmember Garcetti has been verbally supportive, but hasn’t made it happen… perhaps bicyclists should let him know it’s time to make these improvised lanes real.

  5. This is great! I was always scared going that direction on Fletcher because of the freeway entrance. I think this will be great on Hyperion Bridge (hint, hint)

  6. I so very wholeheartedly agree with the spirit behind this. When the law doesn’t protect you, then it’s time to protect yourself. 12 years is long enough to wait.

    That said, that is one crappy paint job. Drawing attention to itself with sloppy craft will only get it painted over more quickly. Maybe a more stable stencil would help — thin plexiglass cut with an x-acto or something. Then it could be used again and again for other areas of need identified by the Department.

  7. Oh, the lame paint job is CHARMING. Besides, you go and try to do better while traffic is probably swarming around you between a pair of major freeway on-ramps!

    In fact, we all should go out and DEFINITELY try to do better wherever we can!

  8. @luckypierre, I agree — it was probably very hard. Kudos to them for Making It Happen. But I most agree with your last sentiment: I think we can take a freaking awesome idea and make it freaking awesomer. And isn’t that the goal? To awe, and to up the awesome ante when possible. YAY, I say.

  9. I can’t believe LA DPW, or whatever city contractor covered that out in just a couple of days. Someone took a pink paint roller to the asphalt on Avenue 57 & the Gold Line here in Highland Park about a year ago, nothing useful, just tagging, and its still there today. WTF?

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