Hit and run driver kills hydrant, gruesome photos here.

water3.jpgIan Broyles happened upon a busted hydrant in Culver City spraying a geyser dozens of feet high, and clearly had a little fun with his camera. Here’s what he wrote me about the pix:

Though I could seen no car around I’m pretty sure a car hit the hydrant on the northwest corner of Jefferson and Farmdale. The hydrant was completely removed and off to the side. I work nearby and a co-worker told me about the accident. I walked out and took the photos.

The water was on for over a half hour that I witnessed. The firemen were diverting the water by pushing a ladder and a board up against it so it didn’t do more damage to the nearby building roof that was getting drenched.

When the water slowed and stopped everyone cheered. The LAFD bowed in unison. It was great.

More pix here. Used under the photographer’s permission.

water2.jpg water1.jpg

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