I think that I shall never see / a pie as tasty as olallieberry

sideview.JPGI like pie. I only hang with people who like pie. It’s always time for pie.

Except for some pies, which can only be had once a year, when their fruit is in season.

Enter the olallieberry, “a cross between the loganberry and the youngberry, each of which is itself a cross between blackberry and another berry (raspberry and dewberry, respectively).” Upon seeing Jiyeon Yoo’s post over at metromix heralding the start of olallieberry season, I knew I had to haul it to Pasadena Pie ‘n’ Burger (o holy Pie ‘n’ Burger! how softly I dare breathe your exalted name!) before their stock sold out.

P’n’B’s pies are to die for, and olallie was no exception. I suggest you, too, haul thine ass over to P’n’B in the ‘Dena for your own sample, before the earth moves away from the sun just a scooch and wipes this year’s crop of sunshiney-filled jewels of yum from the surface of the earth for yet another year. More pie goodness behind the jump; click to embiggen.



7 thoughts on “I think that I shall never see / a pie as tasty as olallieberry”

  1. Holy Farging Shnit! I had a slice of that this very evening over at the Pie N Burger! Yes, do hurry, the waitress said they expect to have them for another two weeks.

    That being said, isn’t P-N-B the greatest? They have deliciously greasy burgers, (veggie ones as well) the best grilled onions, hand made syrupy coca-colas, exquisitely sweet ice cream malted shakes, and about 15 different pies, and two cakes to choose from (carrot, or chocolate). They’ll serve you beer, or wine if you like, and best of all they cater!

    It is American Cuisine defined. When critic Jonathan Gold was asked if he had to choose something to eat as a “Last Meal,” he replied that he couldn’t do much better than to eat at Pie N Burger.

  2. Speaking of people who like pie, I spent the weekend at at small town festival. One of the activities was a pie auction to benefit the volunteer fire department. I walked away with a pie for $35 but that is nothing compared to the marionberry pie that went for $1200. That’s right. Twelve Hundred Dollars!

  3. You see? I have been asking people for weeks, “why cupcakes? Why not pie?” No one has given me a good answer as to why one is so trendy but not the other. It can’t be the size. You can shrink a pie. I think they call that a tart. So what about us folks who don’t want to spend $50 in gas to get to Pasadena? Can you recommend some pie a bit to the west?

  4. Oh the wessside, I’ve been told that the Apple Pan is somewhat akin to P’n’B, but have no idea if they’ve got olallieberry. That said, take public transpo & get your ass to the ‘dena. There is nothing closer to touching the face of God, than a brief shining moment with one of P’n’B’s magical cheeseburger dripping juices onto your extra-crispy fries, some ranch dressing, and a warm slice of berry pie with a chuck of french vanilla ice cream melting gently into the south side of your pie.
    I totally understand how Gold could call it out for his last meal on earth.

  5. I have terrible news. I went to Pie N Burger for lunch today, and sadly there are no more olallieberry pies until next year. Boooohooooo…

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