Monsoons Arrive Early : Thunder/Lightning/Rain in Monrovia


At about 9:45 I walked out of Robins Ribs in Pasadena (helping former mayoral candidate Aaron Proctor celebrate his birthday) and noticed lightning flashes to the east.  We called the kids to let them know we were on our way and they let us know they were enjoying a lightning show.  By the time we made it to Arcadia on Foothill is was raining hard enough to need the wipers.  It is coming down pretty hard now.  

The concern in the area remains potential for flash floods in the burn area above Arcadia and Sierra Madre if the rain continues to fall hard.  Another concern for those of us close to the foothills is if no rain and there is a dry lightning strike we would have another fire start.

And damn it all – I washed and waxed the wifes car this morning!

 Ah…the joys of monsoon season in the foothills.

4 thoughts on “Monsoons Arrive Early : Thunder/Lightning/Rain in Monrovia”

  1. Wow – we drove west from the same spot and no lightening show at all! Of course you washed the car yesterday morning…that’s why it rained.

  2. First of all – thanks for showing up – I had no idea Kelli was planning such a thing.

    That said – itw as so weird. Earlier Saturday I was watching the Phillies game and one of those NWS warnings came across the screen. I looked at the sky and didn’t see any storm clouds or anything. When we left Robin’s, it was raining and afterward, Kelli & Chris 007 & Michael B. & I went to 100-to-1 in Arcadia. The door guy said it was pouring rain in Arcadia and Monrovia.

    So weird – not really a drop of rain or sight of lightning to speak of in Pasadena.

    Full coverage of the surprise party tomorrow. So nice to see you!

    – AP

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