Courthouse Steps Part 2

July 10, 2008 at 6:45 pm in Law

This is a follow up to last night’s post on jury duty.

How was work today suckers? I wouldn’t know how things went on the job because I sat in a room and read all day, except for my two hour lunch break (a break from doing nothing by the way).

Forgive me for calling you guys suckers a moment ago. I’m just lashing out because I was, once again, terribly disappointed by my jury duty experience.

As I mentioned last night, I had jury duty today and I went into it with high expectations of Law & Order style courtroom action, broken up by a bus ride to a lunch spot. In the end I only got the bus ride and a piece of paper telling me I was done for at least a year.

I’m very disappointed. I wanted to be on a jury because I’m a civics nerd and also because I could use some new friends.

You see, every time I’ve been called for jury duty I’ve seen groups of people leaving the building after the trial they served on has concluded and they are always chatty and friendly, like the experience has brought them all together. Sometimes they exchange numbers and make plans because they are jury pals now. I’ve always wanted jury pals.

Instead I was just sent home without ever being called into the courtroom. No trial, no excitement and no jury pals. Total ripoff.

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