LA Times cutting more positions… watch out!

Just got a message via Ed Padgett’s twitter steam that the LA Times is cutting another 250 jobs, 150 from editorial. He’s posted a note from Editor Russ Stanton on his blog with many of the details. Like everything else evil and bad in the world, it’s the internets fault.

 “You all know the paradox we find ourselves in: Thanks to the Internet, we have more readers for our great journalism than at any time in our history. But also thanks to the Internet, our advertisers have more choices, and we have less money. Add to that a poor economy, particularly for us in the California housing market, and you quickly see why a wave of cutbacks has swept through newsrooms this year from New York to Santa Ana .

We are not immune. As David Hiller mentioned in his memo last week we are embarking on another round of cost cutting. I deeply regret to report we will be reducing the size of our editorial staff, both print and Web, by a total of 150 positions, and reducing the number of pages we publish each week, by about 15%.”

Full letter can be found here.

One thought on “LA Times cutting more positions… watch out!”

  1. Yay. The Times has more readers, but he neglects to point out that most of those readers are from places instead of Los Angeles, and are mostly looking at the Entertainment and Sports sections.

    In short, the LA Times is becoming less and less about LA, and less about the Times.

    Time to stop complaining about the LA Times and now look for, or create, a news outlet that actually services the Los Angeles area.

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