“Kung Fu Panda” premiere – Hi-calorie buzz

Jack Black and Cee-Lo
sing “Kung Fu Fighting”

So – now that Mark and Steve blogged the setup
Here’s one way to throw a Hollywood premiere:

You close off the entire block in front of the Chinese Theatre and pave it with glittering black astroturf and thick red carpet.

You erect a dozen plywood pavilions of red-gold-and-celadon plywood and upholster them with richly-patterned Chinese silk.

You inflate your fat, eager, clumsy vinyl hero balloon with helium to a length of about 40 feet, wire him up to loom 50 feet over the Grauman’s front walk … Continue reading “Kung Fu Panda” premiere – Hi-calorie buzz

Everybody Walks in L.A., at ARTWALK Culver City

img_0891-custom.JPGCulver City is very attractive.  It must have been fun to have lived out here when the place was up and coming, or hip, or funky.  From my perspective, after spending time along the main stretches, it’s none of those things now.  But Culver City is a very enjoyable, established place.  It does a lot of things right.  Yesterday’s ARTWALK was one such thing.

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Kung Fu Panda… mega hit of the summer?

Hello friends! Walking down Hollywood on our way to the Farmer’s Market we noticed quite the hubbub by the Chinese Theater.

Judging by the size of the premiere, Dreamworks is counting on Kung Fun Panda to be a huge release this summer. We’ve heard good things and are both big fans of Jack Black. So, it’s a good sign of faith to see the studio sink this much money into the opening.

They are still setting the things up, so if you are anywhere near the area, you can go see the giant display and probably get a gander at some celebs with their kids. Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian Mcshane, Seth Rogan, Lucy Liu, David Cross… sheesh, don’t they hire actual voice actors for these pictures anymore?

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FIRE At Universal Studios


A fire is raging at Universal with over 100 (other reports say 200) firefighters battling the blaze that started around 5am this morning on a soundstage. You can watch streaming video at MyFOX Live. King Kong is reported lost as is the film vault. No reports of human injuries so far.

Universal City Walk and Universal Studios tour/attractions are still going to be open today.

(picture is a screen grab from my computer.)

Update 9:15am:
There are over 400 firefighters working on this fire now. There have been a few minor injuries to the firefighters, nothing serious. The fire started on New York street and that has burned down as has Courthouse Square, where, if I’m not mistaken, they shot Back To The Future — Clocktower, lightning bolt, etc. King Kong is no more and now the biggest fire is in a tape vault building and that will take about another hour to put out.