Win Tickets! We Are Scientists, Blood Arm, Cut Off Your Hands

we-are-scientists-2-sour-duck.jpgNo, I’m not telling you to cut off your hands at the El Rey tomorrow night. I am, however, telling you to leave a note in the comment section telling me what you would do–what magical invention you would create, or in what fascinating subject you would make a major breakthrough. If you won the Nobel Prize, what “science” would you have applied?! Do tell. Leave your email addy, so I can contact you if you win; winner gets an autographed CD & poster from We Are Scientists! The band, like, wrote on them! With their names! Possibly with KITTENS! Like in the picture!

They play with Cut Off Your Hands and the Blood Arm, both of whom are fantastic. This should be an awesome show. If you can’t get into this one (tickets are here) I also recommend Broken Ocean at the Viper Room and the Mae Shi with Die Rockers Die & Death to Anders at Spaceland.

4 thoughts on “Win Tickets! We Are Scientists, Blood Arm, Cut Off Your Hands”

  1. I would use sting theory to develop a way for cats from the future to speak to us directly through our collective cerebral cortex and guide humanity to our ancestral home on Mars. Or I’d at least give my cats the ability to tell me where they hid the ‘sippy’ part of my nalgene water bottle. Of course, I am sure that would enable them to extort extra brushings & catnip. As ‘Oppy” Oppenheimer could tell us, there’s downside to every technological advance.

  2. if I was a scientist I would create a high powered wind/water blaster to blow the filth off my body at the end of each day. What is a bigger waste of time, energy, and water than personal hygiene anyway? Nothing.

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