Leaving the Times, made easy

times.jpgThe L.A. Times newsroom has taken on a ship-of-the-damned air lately, my old colleagues are telling me.

With corporate vandal Sam Zell threatening to lay off even more reporters and sell Times Mirror Square in a bid to save tiny cash in all the wrong places, the smart money says to jump before you’re pushed.

Luckily, the InkStained Retch makes it all easy to say goodbye by offering the Hackinator – a handy wizard for Times employees who want to write Zell the perfect [email protected] resignation letter …

Sure, it’s kind of inside baseball, but funny as hell. Or … it would be funny if it weren’t so true.

Memo to Sam – here’s a modest proposal: Have you considered that you’d probably save more money faster and preserve the Times’ core value – its news and cultural coverage – if you just killed the print product and spend the resulting millions in savings on beefing up, marketing and inviting more public participation in LATimes.com? Go online? Go big? Grab and own L.A.’s online news space before someone else tries it first?

Naw, that would probably require far more courage and intelligence than simply firing the people whose work brings the Times its only real marketplace value.

As you were, sir, as you were.

3 thoughts on “Leaving the Times, made easy”

  1. Puhleeze…he’s over mortgaged and in trouble. I talked with a guy from the pressmans club over the weekend who also works at the LA Times and they got the pre-massive lay off letter on Friday. Could be 150-200 of jobs gone this week in the editorial and a few other spots.

    What concerns me with the rapidly dwindling print media, who is going to the watchdog source on our govt and giving us detailed reports?

  2. Well, according to Lee Abrams, Zell’s chief innovation dude (you know, the guy who was surprised they actually had, you know, reporters in Iraq), we’ll just get all our news from TeeVee.

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