Bloggers Picnic with a Vengeance…recapped all over the blogsphere

bloggerpicnicpub1.jpgVengeance more describes our passion for having a blog than the picnic itself.  Kathie Reece at the Aztec went out of her way to make it a fun day for us.  She opened up the Mayan room, put out REAL Table linens then plied us with a never ending supply of margaritas!

The pic is of the bloggers who willingly wanted to be shown on the net.  That is the lovely Miss Havisham sitting on FCBlog co-owner, Centinel’s shoulder.  To the right is equally invisible owner Publius.  Invisible because no one knows who they are including those of us invited to post there know who they really are. 

In the process of having a blogger’s picnic you get to know new people. Interesting people.  Not a one is afraid to speak up.  And of course some chime in with their own posts recapping it all later.

The 99Cent Chef showed up as well.  He brought along 2 99 Cent wines from Argentina, the cab was good, the malbec was brown tinted and musty.  He also brought along his Rainbow Confetti Cupcakes first made for a wedding reception in Weho last week.  Those were a tasty hit.


There you go.  Next event 9/27.  As always anyone with a blog or a fan of a blog is welcome to attend. 

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  1. It was a good time indeed and fun to hang with fellow bloggers. Your margarita pie was delish!

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