3 Hawks stalking breakfast

3 Hawks stalking

It is their morning routine.  7:00 AM terrorize the parrots and get them out of the neighborhood and off the power pole next to my garage.  7:30AM claim the pole and wait for breakfast to appear.  Once fed they disappear for the day and all we hear is their screech and whistles as they move about.

Pic by me.  A couple more in my urban critters flickr set.

6 thoughts on “3 Hawks stalking breakfast”

  1. Give it another few weeks. Every year we get to watch them take out at least one crow while it is in flight.

    About the time the hawks arrive each year we also see the crows leave the area. Parrots aren’t quite as smart and they even lost one last week.

  2. Cool. I wish we had hawks in WeHo. Instead the finches and sparrows have to fend off the crows by themselves. Its quite intersting urban drama.

  3. Can I borrow those hawks for a few minutes? We have a really annoying parrot around here that squawks all day.

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