Venice Beach Goes Green at Eco-Fest

Going to the Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk on a sunny summer Saturday afternoon is nuts.  Going when there’s a festival taking place is twice as nuts.  Well, call me twice as nuts.  Wanting to support my local community and green causes, I walked over to the Venice Eco-Fest yesterday afternoon.

Eco-Fest is put on by the same folks who bring us Earth Day around the world each April. This year’s Eco-Fest, which took place near the intersection of Ocean Front Walk and Windward Avenue, involved over 120 sponsors and exhibitors.

In addition to live music on a solar-powered stage, hemp clothing, solar water filters, poetry readings, and an eco fashion show, there were lots of free samples of health food bars, as well as green and Acai-based drinks. I grabbed every sample I could, and by the end I’m sure I killed every free radical in sight.  (Insert Venice Beach free radical joke here.)

Then I stopped by to visit my friends from the G2 Gallery at their shade-filled tent.  G2 is a green-oriented gallery that specializes in nature photography.  G2 also generously supports the Ballona Wetlands.


Nearby, this woman from the self-styled “best teaching zoo” in Los Angeles demonstrated how to raise and drop her hand quickly while the white bird (why wasn’t it green?) held on to her finger for dear life.  Poor bird.  Kids are getting decapitated at Six Flags from less than that. 


I never did find out what these folks were doing.  Aura channeling?  Transferring their energy flow?  Filming a new Talking Heads video?


Look closely and you’ll see that the tree … is a guy.  Loved you in “Lord of the Rings,” dude.


The Venice Beach “Food Not Bombs” guy was camped out next to the Whole Foods tent.  I sense some synergy here.  How about “Whole Foods Not Bombs: The Sequel?”


Are these the mysterious man-pris that David wrote about recently?  The guys were speaking German.  Maybe man-pris are the next big thing from Europe.  I hear they’re huge in Belgium.


In other places, the Eco-Fest might be seen as alternative, odd, or quaint.  On Venice Beach, it was probably the most normal thing around.