Dodgers own Angels in Freeway Series smack down 6-0

pubdsiconicpalmstmvp.jpg Last night was one of my favorite baseball games of the season.  The Freeway Series where the Dodgers and Angels play it hard and the fans face off in the stands.  I could give you a blow by blow description of the game but why bother when the LA Times can do it better.  What mattered to me is it was a good game, final score of 6-0 made me think for a second and try to remember when I last saw the Angels get completely shut down like that.

I have a couple of more pics and observations from the stands after the jump.

pubbeachballinplaytm8bitvp.jpg My neighbor Craig is a pro-ball scout and batting coach.  He has a client who has season tickets, row 16 down at the bottom behind the first base dugout.  Primo seating is nice.  Sitting with a man who has coached some of the players on both teams made the game even better for the boys and me.

He could tell us things about Lorey and how he coached him while he was in high-school.  He told us about Young’s grandfather who was, in his learned opinion, one of the best ball scouts in the area.  Having been in the baseball biz for years he was able to tell all sorts of tales about the players.  That is the kind of info that makes the game more entertaining.

We arrived about an hour before the game start time of 7:40PM.  The stadium was awash in Red for the Angels.  (My boys are Rapid Angels fans…Guerrero t-shirts, the red #1 finger the works).  How odd that there were so few Dodgers fans at the stadium.

The wave of Dodge Blue hordes starting filing in during the pre-game ceremonies and continued well into the National Anthem.  (Quick side bar, but every time I hear the Anthem I still get all tickley as it makes me thing about how good we really have it).  The last row of Dodger fans in my area arrived at the start of the 6th inning at 9:16PM.  I couldn’t help but wonder why bother at that point. 

That is something you really don’t see at Angels games  much.  We see quite a few of each year because of the boys so I do have a bit of a reference point.   Just one more difference between us and the OC that made me wonder why for a minute.

Another difference between the two sets of fans is behavior.  At an Angels games there is a lot less booing and bad sportsmanship.  Dodgers games always have beach balls floating from above and become a giant volleyball game.  Fun at first, but then it is distracting when you really want to watch the game.

Has anyone else noted how aggressive the kidnapper photographers have gotten with the pester to take your picture? I think the digital age made it easier, but those Olin Mills wannabes sure detract from the game.  Especially when they scrunch by  you and have their big fat butt in your face.

I can say these games are my favorites as the fans are so vocal about cheering on their team.  Having a personal commentator makes it even better. 

Pics by me.  They do get bigger with a click.  I shot the first two images bracketed and the files were used to generate an HDR file via Photomatix.  The same program used for tone-mapping then the final image was post processed with Virtual Photographer.  (Sorry for the techie nerdy stuff but it does help those who care know how I got there).  More of the game in the in my Los Angeles flickr set. 

5 thoughts on “Dodgers own Angels in Freeway Series smack down 6-0”

  1. Sorry I missed it. Sounds like a good time was had by all. (By the way, I get that same feeling when the anthem plays.)

    In past years, I used to attend 20-25 games per season. This year I’ve been to one, and that was the day before Opening Day. During every home stand, I think long and hard about going to the game. After all, the stadium is only 10 minutes down the freeway. So far this season, I’ve always talked myself out of going to the game, and just watched on television. Partly because I get Vin calling the whole game that way, and partly because of the money. Sometime toward the beginning of the season I did the math in my head: $30-$40 for a good seat ($15-$20 on the third deck up,) $15 to (f’ing!) park, nearly $20 for a dog and a couple of beers. $75 a game, and that’s only if I go alone! What about families/guys who take their kids?

    Now I know it can be done cheaper than that, but it’s all relative. I’d be just as pissed if I sat on the top deck and brought my own sandwich; sure it’s half the money, but I’m far away from the game with no dog & beer.

    25 games per season at $75 per game? I can think of many other places to put that $1875. F’ Frank McCourt.

  2. Interesting point regarding the cost. It is a biggy. The seats we were in were $75 each on a season ticket. 4 of us and it included our parking. Craig and I did the math. $315 at season pass prices.

    A personal size small pizza…4 with tip was $40. 2 basic glasses of bud, a big water and 2 sodas for the boys $31.25.

    All told it cost me under the price of one seat for the munchies and drinks. It certainly would have been a lot worse if I had to pay the full price. It certainly does make it pricey for the average family to attend a game and AM so glad I was able to do it on free tickets.

  3. Was Michael R referring to this weekend’s Freeway Series and the Dodgers? He must’ve been, because with tonight’s win, regardless of what happens in Sunday afternoon’s game, the Dodgers own the series. WooHOO!

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