If a tree falls in Disneyland, does it makes sound?

Hello friends! Yesterday, Mark and Steve made the trek out to Disneyland to enjoy the midnight show Wall-E with some friends at Downtown Disney. After trying out the amazing new ride in California Adventure, we decided to check out the new Indiana Jones live action show where we discovered a crowd had gathered around another brand new attraction; a fallen tree branch!

The rather large branch fell right in the middle New Orleans area and Cast Members were busily diverting traffic, pointing into the air, blathering into walkie-talkies and eventually some guys with chainsaws came and began chopping the tree up.

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All the rigs and lights and stuff were still being set up for the Fantasmic light show. A little tree falling can’t stop the magic!

There were lots of people on hand to stand around and look at the downed branch.

We weren’t on hand to witness the actual event, but we could overhear some eyewitnesses discussing what they saw… Apparently, two chipmunks had stolen some apples from a rather large duck. The overlarge drake gave chase up the tree, but the clever rodents set a trap by leaving one of the robbed russets on the end of a branch and chomping through it’s base when the furious, web-footed bird ran to reclaim it’s edible rose.

The duck is fine, but it seems his sailor hat suffered an irreparable tear.

9 thoughts on “If a tree falls in Disneyland, does it makes sound?”

  1. HA!

    I remember when the tree fell several years ago, and they had video footage of people looking around, then diving under the tree so they could sue.


  2. I find this post shocking. It is a fine post indeed. Posts with pictures rule! However, the tree branch falling is not what I find shocking…

    What I find shocking is that Disneyland apparently sprouted legs and flew north (leaving Anaheim and Orange County behind) and landed somewhere in LA. I’m surprised it’s not on every news channel! [wink wink]

    It’s not a personal attack on you – just a comment on the location of Disneyland. So you know, I’m just sayin’…

  3. frazgo: Yeah, we’re very much brainwashed… both of us as well as our wives have season passes.

    daveshare: That isn’t a bad idea, haha!

    Jon: We checked around and waited a day to see if anyone was going to post about this, but we didn’t see it anywhere and thought it was interesting enough to go ahead and post about it. Even if someone HAD posted it, they might not have been privy to the rumors behind the events that led to the branch falling down. We’re at Disneyland a LOT and would post way more about it if we could justify it.

  4. Mark and Steve: Point taken. I’m a jackass. Ignore my flippantness. I just happened to be typing at a moment when I was revved up about another topic.

    About this particular topic: I believe the tree was case of natural causes. At least that’s the word backstage. What do you wanna bet this shows up in the OC Register – they loves this kind of thing! :)

  5. No offense taken at all… we know it’s slightly bending the rules around to post about Disneyland.

    It was so fun to see something that wasn’t meticulously planned out happening at the park.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with this post, it’s a first person account of something that one of the LA bloggers saw and their take on it. There’s also no reason at all that someone in OC can’t blog about it as well and credit Mark and Steve for getting the pics the same way we’d all credit anyone else who god a good story.

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