Friday Bullets: Caption this, Fred!

CAPTION THIS (please leave in comments)
photo by K763, used under Creative Commons
  • Mike at Franklin Ave. gives us a peek at his recent 99cent store haul, including 99cent bottles of wine.
  • Zach at LAist discovers parking as low as $5 at the west end of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, as he surveys a neighborhood notorious for lots that charge as much as $20.
  • Luke Ford accuses George Carlin of being an anti-semite – Rodger Jacobs smacks Luke Ford upside the head.
  • The End of Motherhood’s son returns home from college, complains about choice between cereals: Wheaties or Grape Nuts. Seriously (cerealously?), if the cereal box doesn’t have a toy inside, its not worth eating the contents.
  • Stan’s Obligatory Blog takes a bike ride to Elliot’s home from “E.T.”
  • Wanna see how real hardcore filmmakers get sh*t done? Movie making, Hobo Style.
  • Wanna read how a real hardcore filmmaker pays their bills? Peggy Archer. ‘Nuff said.

3 thoughts on “Friday Bullets: Caption this, Fred!”

  1. I hope Mike purchased some of that generic 99 cent Pepto-Bismol to go with that 99 cent wine. He’s gonna need it. Trust me. I’ve been there.

  2. I had some 99c store wine which was a Chardonnay from an Australian vineyard, and honestly it was better than some of the swill from Ralphs or Trader Joe’s (when youre going budget). I went back and bought a case.

  3. I wonder if they fertilize the vineyards with kangaroo guana.

    Seriously, though, Australian wines have become quite dependable for quality. There are some terrific Shiraz-Merlot hybrids coming from Down Under, almost all of them very affordable.

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