Girlie Day-Trippin’ at the Spa

A week ago I was feeling a bit ragged and couldn’t take it anymore… So I played hooky from work and got out of the city. Since a dear friend of mine lives in North Santa Barbara and I don’t get to see her much, I thought it might be cool if we met in Ojai and hit the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa to catch up. It was the perfect respite in every way.

From the moment you get there you feel pampered. The place has beautiful old oaks and is built in the old Spanish Mission style. After booking our spa treatments on the phone, we met at the front desk and checked in. With any treatment, you get the use of the pool which is really lovely, the steam-room, whirlpool and sauna. It’s great. We hit the pool first and lazed around, swimming and reading and talking while sipping fresh fruit smoothies we conveniently ordered without moving from our comfy chairs.

Our treatments were perfect. I got a mint scrub and massage and afterwards I was so relaxed I could hardly slither back to my chaise to nap. After all that strenuous activity we were famished, so we ordered up great salads to cap the day. As the sun went down, I took off down the highway back to LA, thankful that for a mere $200 I can pretend I’m a princess for a day… (and get treated like one!)

It kind of rocked.

3 thoughts on “Girlie Day-Trippin’ at the Spa”

  1. Sounds like a nice day. My question is twofold. How could you even think about going home after total indulgence. How could you drive home and stay awake as that had to be a totally relaxing day.

  2. Believe it or not, I felt so happy and relaxed, I was happy to go home. The drive was a pleasure…. that’s the thing, getting away sometimes makes everything better!

  3. Driving was a pleasure with the price of gas :)

    That must have been a great spa. I was thinking about going up north for the July 4th weekend, but I’m thinking about doing the Metrolink.

    The Metrolink is shockingly really nice. I’ve never been up to Santa Barbara via it, but it was fun to go to Orange County using it.


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