Giant Rats in the Marina!

img_0945-custom.JPGThere are two rats.  One is about fifteen feet tall, and the other is considerably larger.  They’re grey and inflatable.  I drove by them today, and snapped this picture as best as I could.

 The rats were part of a protest.  I’ll have to follow up and find out what the protest was about.  Since the list of rats is pretty big nowadays, I couldn’t even guess. 

8 thoughts on “Giant Rats in the Marina!”

  1. Spencer, Doran — usually the protests in the Marina involve development, but I agree that this one is probably a labor dispute.

    Frazgo — good one! Not only would we save the trip, we could blog about it too, heh heh.

  2. These rats belong to various construction unions. They use them all the time around LA as part of their protests against non-Union projects, or projects where the developer has violated their promises to use union labor. I’ve never seen two of them in one place before. They either must have a shortage of things to protest about, or they have a real beef with the developer of this project.

  3. Marshall is correct. In NY, they are used by the unions to send a signal to scabs. There are approximately seven or nine inflatable rats in all owned by the unions, and they are manufactured in Chicago, if I recall. I have never seen more than one in one place, either. Before this photo I have never seen one outside of the five boros.

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