Transit Oriented Design one city at a time

June 25, 2008 at 7:00 am in Mass Transit, San Gabriel Valley, SoCal, Transportation


Mass transit is a hot button in LA. In the SGV many feel slighted when it comes to transit planning and funding.  Without a doubt we need functioning mass transit as bad as the rest of LA Metro.  The problem lies with the METRO folks making it all downtown LA centered.  Not everyone needs to go there.  Getting to and from the major housing and business centers can be difficult as our freeways are full and rail plans are still in the squirting match planning phase through out the metro area.

Transportation Tuesday is a regular column over at the Foothill Cities Blog.  It tends to be focused on the needs of just that area.  This weeks installment was a first.  Contributor Alex Zajac put together a video tour of a redevelopment project in Duarte centered on the belief the Gold Line will come sooner rather than later.  In this video he raises a few different thoughts regarding Transit Oriented Design.  To see the video you need to make the jump.

A common theme we hear is the developers and redevelopment agencies they own work with “If you build it they will come”.  In many cases TOD’s are being built before the funding is available to even build the transit it would rely on.  The result we are beginning to see is traffic being worsened as the only way in and out of these new developments is the private passenger automobile. 

Tomorrow is Metro’s big day to vote on their long range plans.  The Gold Line has a variety of different extension options.  3 out of 4 address the needs of East LA to Whittier.   The Gold Line Extension Authority, a PAC created by local governments in the SGV, is looking for the one option that extends from Pasadena through the Foothill Cities.   I’ve said it before we need mass transit rail but the designs need to serve the LA Metro not special interests.

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