No More Clover At Groundwork

$29 Clover

Coffee nerds around the world bow in awe of the Clover coffee machine, and ramble on about it’s $10,000 pricetag as proof of the superior cup of joe it produces. For a while it was big news that Groundwork Coffee in Downtown LA had one. Well, they don’t anymore. I don’t know if people just weren’t ordering it or what, but as you can see from the notice posted above they’ve scrapped it and are acting like it’s no big deal. Maybe it’s not, but I know more than a handful of people who will drive way out of their way to get a cup from that machine and since Intelligentsia in Silver Lake seems to be the only one in town now that’s where I’ll be sending them.

Update: Eric Richardson notes in the comments that this isn’t new, and can also be blamed in part on Starbucks.

13 thoughts on “No More Clover At Groundwork”

  1. Also for Clover presses – LA Mill on Silver Lake blvd., just down the hill from the reservoir. Though intelly’s coffee is arguably more cost-efficient (depending on your standards).

  2. Actually you should send folks to Cafe Corsa at 2238 S Figueroa. Rich (the owner) has a clover and coffee from a variety of sources, including Intelligentsia.

  3. Seriously? A $10,000 coffee maker? You’ve got to be kidding. That’s almost whole new car.

    Does this coffee make you smarter? Taller? A hipper hipster?

  4. While I love Groundwork’s Black Gold coffee, I do not love the Clover. This is good news!

  5. I got a cup from the Clover every time I went to the Main Street Groundworks, which was only infrequently. It was really amazing coffee, too bad it’s gone.

    But just around the corner at 3rd and Spring is Lot 44, which has individually brewed cups for about the same price. Depending on which beans you get, they beat the Clover in my experience.

  6. I hope the Groundwork on Main Street rolls that $10,000 into creating a PUBLIC restroom. Seriously, don’t they know coffee is a diarrhetic?!

    On another note, did anyone notice Philippe’s 9¢ coffee got even better when they switched from Yuban to Apffel’s about 5 years ago.

  7. Diarrhetic? Is that a word?

    Coffe is possibly a mild diuretic and laxative, but it doesn’t give one diarrhea.

    Thank god I’m a tea drinker, and I don’t have to worry about this stuff. The $10,000 machine stuff, that is. Tea is a diuretic as well.

  8. The Clover is the emporer’s new coffee maker. My individual cup Melitta cone and my French press both blow it away. It’s not about the machine. It’s about a freshly brewed cup of coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans that have been roasted ideally in the past week or so.

    Starbuck’s new Pike’s Place blend get’s it half right. They make a fresh batch every 30 minutes. Now if they would just grind the beans right before they do it.

    @ Jason: It makes one a hipper hipster. (I was going to add dumb but that would have been redundant.)

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