Ms Havisham vs Ciudad de Trashadena

mshtrashtag.jpgMiss Havisham who comments here on occasions has her own blog “Miss Havisham’s Tea Party”.  Miss H as she is lovingly know to us out here in Far East LA,  lives in Pasadena.  (You know, that city who’s mayor got the coveted Metblogs Grinch of the Year last year).

Miss H spotted a couple of old used hotel type TV’s in the parkway near her home.  They were too big for her to lift and move on her own.  She called the City of Pasadena for some help.  A few hours later the offending TV’s are picked up.

A week later the lovely Miss H gets a letter from the City of Pasadena.  She is reminded it is illegal to dump items in front of her house.  She is responsible for properly disposing of the offending items, even when dumped by strangers.  Yes, a homeowner in Pasadena is responsible for the dumping by strangers.  They can be fined for not properly taking care of it. 

Nice. The victim of random dumping can get fined by the city.

To make matters worse, this weeks trash service included this orange tag added to her dumpster.  Adding insult to injury it was in a language she does not speak or understand.  (Click to make it bigger and decipher if you can as me no habla either).

Time for another goose step march around the Peoples Republic of Pasadena?

10 thoughts on “Ms Havisham vs Ciudad de Trashadena”

  1. A pox on those who would treat Miss Havisham with such callous disregard. She is a pillar of the community.

    Thankfully, one of the very best aspects of Burbank, where I call home, is that they love trash, even large things. Rarely has a large item lasted more than 24 hours when I put it outside. And while I haven’t checked, I’m sure they wouldn’t fine someone because somebody else dropped their pollution on your front yard.

    I guess it’s just another reason we moved the business from Pasadena to Monrovia a decade ago.

    Perhaps she should haul the junk over the the mayor’s house and make it his problem.

  2. And dude, Pasadena is actually at the other end of he political spectrum from People’s Republic. Perhaps the Pasadenastadt would be a more appropriate term?

  3. I love how people think Pasadena is a conservative town when it’s completely run by what we call “limo liberals”.

    People’s Republic of Pasadena is pretty accurate. That, or National Socialist Pasadena. Take your pick.

    Miss H should fight this one.

  4. i don’t have any control over how close someone parks to my trash cans. There isn’t alot of parking so it’s a big problem. What am I supposed to do? Issue Havisham citations? God.

  5. Oh please Miss H, Pasadena went pretty good with the no dead bodies in ’08. They went until June until someone was shot. Pretty good stats and not likely you will find one in your recyclables.

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