Interesting Side Effects of High Gas Prices

gasolinecontainer.JPGI heard on the radio yesterday that AAA is reporting a 17% increase in the number of “I ran out of gas” calls to the roadside assistance service in Southern California. (Nationwide it is up almost double that.) Most people are putting off buying gas as long as they can and then running out on the road. But I wonder if a few are trying to get that “free” gallon when the AAA truck pulls up. (If you are a “Plus” or “Premiere” member, your fuel is free.) But think about it people, you are probably paying at least $75 a year for that membership, so that gallon of “free” gas costs a lot more than $4.65.

The other interesting tidbit comes from our yard crew who told me that both of their gas cans were stolen from their truck earlier in June. (They have since bought chains.) I love the instant karma part of the crime though — lawnmowers use a combo of gas and oil, so whoever stole that particular can is going to going to be in for a rude shock and will end up paying a lot more to get their car fixed. (Unless it was some competing yard crew trying to avoid having to add a “fuel surcharge.”)

The bikes, buses, trains and your own two feet keep looking better and better.

(Image by WhisperToMe and is in the public domain.)

12 thoughts on “Interesting Side Effects of High Gas Prices”

  1. Actually thurmanoliver lawnmowers can go either way. 2 strokes usually need a gas/oil mixture. 4 strokes usually don’t.

    The problem with those 2 strokes is they emit so much nasty stuff into the air they should have banned years ago.

  2. Haha, you said stroke…

    I love my AAA. It’s worth the 75 to use for DMV services, free road maps, and the occasional flight tire fix and tow. Not to mention you must be a member to use their insurance services, which I also use. I’ve used the free gas once in the last 5 years.

  3. Seriously doubt that dumping a gallon or 2 of 2-stroke premix in your car will lead to any kind of fixing and/or karmic retribution.

  4. Ha ha! I’ve been totally thinking of abusing my AAA card with free gas from Roadside Assistance! And now a prediction from the Summer of 1979:

    Roving gangs siphoning gas from your parked car!

  5. waltarrr…actually the latest crime isn’t siphoning. The cars of the last decade or so have such sophisticated traps for emissions it is near impossible to get a hose into the filler pipe and siphon.

    Crooks have no resorted to simply punching a hole through the tank to drain off what they want. Most common vehicle hit…SUV the ground clearance is so much better for getting under to punch and drain. Does anyone else see karma in action?

  6. I can only imagine that if AAA is experiencing such a dramatic rise, then Metro, whose free motorist service costs straphangers some $27 million annually, is gonna take an even bigger bit out of the 2008-2009 fiscal year.
    Marshall- Did you happen to get any video of that 92 that ran out of fuel?

  7. sha in LA was on the bus that ran out of gas and dammit if i didn’t get a picture as i did have my camera on hand…

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