Trouble in Paradise Cove: Paparazzi Surf Wars and the Shame of Los Angeles

June 24, 2008 at 7:02 pm in Celebrity, Entertainment

Paparazzi are parasitic scum.  Paparazzi have a right to photograph public figures.  Both of these statements come to mind as a drama between paparazzi and surfers plays out on a section of beach in Malibu ironically named Paradise Cove.

Apparently, when actor Matthew McConaughey goes surfing in Malibu, a bunch of paparazzi follow him to the beach.  I don’t know if McConaughey invites or tolerates the paparazzi to suit his career, but anyone with the first name Matthew and an alliterative last name gets my sympathy right away.

Apparently, the other surfers on the beach feel the same way.  Last weekend, either bothered by the intrusion into McConaughey’s privacy, fueled by surf-dog brotherhood, or simply fed up with having to share their beach, they kicked some paparazzi ass, reportedly breaking one photog’s nose and dragging another shutterbug into the water.

This drama has made not only the local news but also the cable news networks. The cast of characters is growing.  The Mayor of Malibu and even Kenneth Starr are now involved.

The surfer/paparazzi battle serves as a reminder that tabloid photos and videos of “celebrities” are a huge Los Angeles export.  How soon can we expect helicopter shots of white Ford Broncos with surfboards on top?

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